Moche is the favorite option for Erasmus students for a long time.

With Moche plan you can communicate for free (national calls, SMS, MMS ad video calls) with all the students that are also using Moche for 5€/month.

This year it has even more advantages! You won’t find anything cheaper on the market! Check all the advantages:


  1. Free communication inside the network Moche (national calls, SMS, MMS and video calls)
  2. 5€/month and your credit doesn´t expire (ex: 20€ last for 4 months);
  3. Free Internet on your mobile phone (200 MB/month);
  4. Free SMS to other networks (250/day for all the other networks)
  5. Free downloads of music (Mp3) per month to use on your computer or mobile phone (;
  6. First monthly payment for free
  7. Communications apps for free (WHATSAPP, VIBER, SKYPE, FACEBOOK, MESSENGER, SNAPCHAT)

How does it work?

Moche is a pre paid card and all you need to do is to have the monthly fee (5€) available on your mobile phone every 30 days, on the payment date. To start using you just need to put it inside your mobile phone, there is no need to charge it.

Where can I get my Moche SIM card?

You can get your Moche SIM card with the Erasmuslisboa Welcome Kit at your Portuguese University or at the Erasmuslisboa office.

Where can I top up my mobile phone?

Most of Portuguese students find it easier to top up their mobile in a regular ATM. However, you will need to have a Portuguese bank account in order to do this.
Alternatively, you can always top up your mobile:
  • at the post office
  • In official MOCHE stores
  • At every Payshop (click here to check the stores)

What are the prices to upgrade my Internet plan?

To check all the Internet plans click here.

How will I know that I’m calling someone that is also Moche?

Whenever you call someone that is also using Moche you will hear a sound before the waiting ring.

How can I check my credit on my mobile phone?

You can dial *#123# and you’ll receive a text message with your credit.

What will happen if I don’t have credit left and I don’t charge my mobile phone?

Before the monthly fee is charged you will receive a text message reminding you that you don't have enough credit. Afterwards even if you didn't top up your mobile you will still be charged for the monthly fee which will change your credit for negative credit. So you can call agian you will need to top up your mobile back again to positive credit. While you have negative credit you may not realize any communication but you may receive them. On the following month if you still have negative credit the monthly package willchange from the special Erasmus deal to the no obligatory charge (to keep the sim card active all you need to is to do/receive a call in 90 days) with the following conditions:

>You no longer may speak for free to and from MOCE and/or Kids;
>Any calls for any number are now 0,30€ per minute and text message are 0,15€ per text message;
>With this package the MOCHE offers are no longer valid;
>If you top up your mobile your package changes automatically into a no costs for MOCHE Without Monthly fee. If later you would like a different package the change costs 6€.

Do I need to charge my mobile phone every month?

No, you just need to have at least 5€ credit available on your mobile phone every 30 days, on the payment date. If you top up your mobile phone with 20€, for example, and you only use the 5€ the rest of the credit will go on to the next months, your credit doesn’t expire.

What are the prices for international communications?

Check the prices here.

More info here.


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